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PS4 Utawarerumono: Chiriyukusha Mono E No Komoriuta (R3/CHI)
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PS4 Utawarerumono: Chiriyukusha Mono E No Komoriuta (R3/CHI)

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A certain world, a certain continent. There were various races, which had ears and tails like beasts. They built villages, lived a simple life, and eventually even formed a country.

Yamayura, a village on the northeast frontier of the continent. A dying young man was brought in by a girl named Eruruu. Although he suffered serious injuries, she nursed him back to health, but he had lost all memory of himself.

The young man was named Hakuoro. His wounds healed and grew accustomed to living in the village. While bearing the burden that is the mystery of himself, Hakuoro lent a hand to the village’s development.

Everyone in the village soon comes to rely on Hakuoro, who has a naturally calm and diligent personality. Harvest season eventually arrives. The villagers’ efforts bore fruit and their harvest was unexpectedly abundant. However, the gossip reached the ears of the feudal lord. In order to seize them of their harvest, he sends his troops to Yamayura.

And the matter of the frontier itself became the catalyst to a war that will shake the world…

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