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PS4 Cyber Troopers A Certain Magical VIirtual On (R3) (Chinese)
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PS4 Cyber Troopers A Certain Magical VIirtual On (R3) (Chinese)

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Weight: 600 grams
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Brand: SEGA
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  • Follows the "computer fighter Virtual-On" robot high-speed action on the battle game
  • Importing "magic banned book directory" character special ability
  • A new battle way to create a unique charm!
  • 電腦戰機Virtual-On × 魔法禁書目錄 中文版

The story is written by Kamaka Kazuma sensei! 
The scenario in the story mode begins in the form following from the original author, Kaname Kazuma sensei 's complete writing down! 2016 released novel version "To Aru Majutsu no Index" x Dengeki Virtualach "A magical electronics battlefield" A fascinating drama can be enjoyed in full-length full voice. Please expect from this work what kind of prohibited character characters such as Kamijo Woam and Virturoid will show off. 

Battle to the new dimension with the fourth weapon "Boost Weapon"! 
In addition to the three kinds of weapons of conventional Virtuaroid, the fourth weapon "Voost Weapom" is implemented! Boost Weapon which amplifies and releases the "abilities" of boarding characters who board the boat is called "virtual" On the platform, enhance the ability battle unique to the prohibited series to a new dimension. Furthermore, with the introduction of a new action "transition" and point system, you can enjoy a new dimension battle that is different from the conventional virtual series. 

A gorgeous production team gathers! A miracle collaboration is realized! 
Innovative Virtuilloid renewed by Mr. Kataki Hajime who is in charge of mechanical design through the series is a unique collaboration that was dedicated coloring according to forbidden characters. Also, in-game music is in charge of Mr. Yuzo Ancient who is famous for "Seventh Dragon".The theme song is produced by Maiko Inouchi familiar in TV anime 'Toaru Majutsu no Index' and is a double vocal of Yuka Iguchi and Rina Sato. 

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