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X360 Cable Controller (C)

X360 Cable Controller (C)

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Brand: Sony
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The computer system is loved by many nowadays, with better graphics, amazing games and affordable hardware makes the computer a formidable force in the gaming scene. The Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller is a wired controller to help you navigate in game intuitively compared to a keyboard and mouse.But what better way to have fun if its not with friends or family. An extra Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller will definitely bring out the laughter, or competitive nature of an individual depending on the game at hand. So keep calm and play on together with Microsoft.

Intuitive layout

Being a Microsoft product, this controller is identical to its Xbox console line. The wired controller dons a USB interface to make connecting and detecting the unit a breeze on any computer system. Furthermore, the layout of the controller feels great and is intuitive in nature. Navigate your character seamlessly and command them instantly from your controller.

Durable build

The Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller is built with the best materials available. The wired is wrapped to safeguard the internal wires. Furthermore, the USB interface is far more durable than before. The buttons, triggers and analog sticks are sturdier to ensure longer lasting use, as it is constantly exposed to sweat and natural oils.

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