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      Official Wii Zapper with Link's Crossbow Training
      • Wii Zapper comes with Link's Cross Bow Training Game
      • Wii Remote and Nunchuk are sold seperately
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      Emio GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U Black
      • Connect your gamecube controller to Wii U system, up to 4 player, enjoy the multi-player games such as smash brothers, mario kart, super mario
      • Up to 4 player
      • Game cube controller on Wii U
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      Gamepad Crystal Case - Nintendo WII U

      4 Sold

      • Protect your Game from scratches and impact.
      • ·Effectively prevent dirt from contaminating to console.
      • ·Crystal bright design.
      • ·Cutouts for all controls on the console
      • ·Virtually indestructible armor case, transparence and thin
      • ·Only need place your in the case, simple and convenient
      • ·Allows full access to Game functions.
      • ·You can playing your Game as comfortable as normal
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      Screen Protector - Nintendo WII U

      7 Sold

      • Screen Protector For Wiiu
      • 1pcs
      • new
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      Silicon Case - Nintendo WII U

      1 Sold

      • RM1 DEAL
      Out of stock
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      UBoost (Black) for Nintendo Wii U

      3 Sold

      • Play up to 2X longer
      • Easily clips on to GamePad, no installation required
      • Works in conjunction with the GamePad battery
      • Built-in stand for watching steaming content
      • Lightweight design
      • Charges through the stock Nintendo® Wii U™ GamePad adaptor
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      Power Stand (Black) for Nintendo Wii U

      1 Sold

      • Store and Charge the Wii U™ GamePad
      • Angled stand provides ideal viewing of movies and other streaming content
      • Utilizes the GamePad AC Adaptor packaged with the Wii U™ – No additional cables needed
      • Designed to match the décor of the GamePad and Wii U™ console
      • Small footprint allows it to easily fit in most entertainment centers
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      DJ Hero - Nintendo Wii
      • The ability to battle your friends or jam together at home or online with two turntables or one turntable and a Guitar Hero guitar controller.
      • Game bundle including software for Wii and the exclusive DJ Hero turntable/mixer controller that allows players to scratch and mix their way to hero status.
      • Variety of unique musical content featuring in the form of 80+ DJ mixes pulled from multiple genres including Hip Hop and Dance music fused with Rock, Pop and R&B.
      • Variety of multiplayer co-op and competitive modes including DJ vs. DJ, DJ + DJ and DJ + Guitar.
      • Engaging and easy to pick-up rhythm based gameplay in the Guitar Hero tradition.
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      Charge Dock Mini for Nintendo Wii U
      • Includes 2 rechargeable batteries for Wii Remotes
      • LED indicators illustrate the charge status of battery packs
      • Hot swap-able - easily switch out a dead battery for a fresh one during a play session with minimal down time
      • Eliminates the need for expensive and wasteful disposable batteries
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