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      PS4 Persona 5: Dancing In Starlight (R3/ENG)
      PS4 Persona 5: Dancing In Starlight (R3/ENG)
      • Memorable Soundtrack - Return to the world of Persona 5 and relive cherished memories with the games' most memorable songs by Shoji Meguro, composed by Ryota Kozuka, as well as all-new remixes by ATOLS, Lotus Juice, ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo/, Jazztronik, and more! Dancing! - Choose from several difficulty levels and dance alongside the members of SEES and the legendary Phantom Thieves in a customizable rhythm game experience
      • English and Japanese Voiceovers - Choose to listen to your favorite characters' voices in either English or Japanese with dual audio options
      • Social - In "Social," players can connect with their favorite characters and deepen their social bonds through conversations and mini-events
      • Collect Costumes - Collect and equip a variety of costumes and accessories to create an even flashier dance experience
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      PS4 Catherine : Full Body (R3/CHI)
      PS4 Catherine : Full Body (R3/CHI)
      • A Full-Bodied Remaster - The captivating tale of 2011’s award-winning Catherine returns in Catherine: Full Body—bigger and better than before. Improved visuals and gameplay, brand-new music, enhanced multiplayer options, and much more await in this enticing new package
      • From a Love Triangle to a Love Square - Explore brand-new branching story paths centering around the arrival of the mysterious amnesiac, Rin. Dozens of new cutscenes and animated cinematics have been added to delve even deeper into Vincent’s complicated present life, as well as his past
      • Puzzling Puzzles – If You Desire: Looking for a challenge? ‘Arrange Mode’ adds complex linked blocks to once-familiar levels, requiring new techniques and strategies to conquer them. With the addition of this new mode, new difficulties, and a ton of new stages added to Stray Sheep’s ‘Rapunzel’ mini-game, Catherine: Full Body contains over 500 puzzles, over twice that of the original game!
      • It’s Not Cheating - Just looking to enjoy the story? ‘Safety Mode’ gives players the option to activate ‘Auto-Play’ at any point during a puzzle, letting you sit back and enjoy Vincent’s tragic tale
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      Disgaea Dimensions 2: A Brighter Darkness (R2) - Playstation 3
      Disgaea Dimensions 2: A Brighter Darkness (R2) - Playstation 3
      • Enhanced Customization
      • Master/Pupil System
      • Item World
      • Geo Panels
      • Reunite with old friends and meet a new crew
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